African creative meeting

The African Creative Meeting is the meeting point for all African and international stakeholders in the various sectors of the African creative economy: video games, esports, animation, graphic arts, etc.

This annual event highlights the talents of today and tomorrow and allows all the professionals involved to exchange ideas and establish solid and lasting partnerships. Designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers from 54 African countries now have a professional space to develop their network.

Conferences, workshops, project presentations and meetings will be held during the two-day forum to highlight the creativity and vitality of the African continent and to forge inter-continental links.

Provide a panorama of current events and projects

of African creators.

Highlight the dynamics of the continent to generate for companies the desire to develop or expand their presence in Africa.

Create a conducive space for the stakeholders in the sector to meet and work together.

Promote cohesion and partnerships between stakeholders

in the African

and French sectors.

Why Africa ?

The African Creative Meeting showcases an original vision of the creative industry that is Africa’s own, different from the cultural beacons of the big and well-known international creative industries, studios, and companies.

Through their productions, African industries transmit a culture and a heritage that is not or little found in large foreign productions with larger budgets.

In fact, the richness of the African creative industries is embodied in their non-uniformity
and represents a specific and emerging branch of the market that is significant.

Africa represents a real opportunity for all creators: innovation is exponential and mobile telephony is omnipresent, driven by the deployment of 5G by Orange. Mobile phone use in the creative industries is also particularly important, whether in the professional world, for games, news consumption or online reading, among a young and connected public. This use has an impact on modes of consumption and the monetisation of content: although the bank card is not a general rule, mobile payment is among the most developed in the world.

The African Creative Meeting thus provides an opportunity to discuss these issues and allows the African professional public to forge links with other stakeholders, from the continent or elsewhere, and to take advantage of this opportunity.

Discorver the 2021 edition

A dense and dynamic creative industry

A rich cultural diversity

A desire to be active and visible in the global creative industry sector…

500 million people, or 50% of the population, are under 25 years old

The most profitable continent for investments with a rate of return of over 14% (compared to 9.1 in Asia).

A high penetration rate of smartphones (90% in South Africa) which allows the development of access to mobile content.

One of the most promising economic growth in the world.

The Institut Français is a public organisation, an operator of the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs, whose objective is to promote and spread French culture.

Scattered around the world, no less than 100 French Institutes have been created since 2010, and are committed to bringing “cultures to life” beyond borders, while encouraging exchanges with local cultures.

Their “seasons” are themes dedicated to highlighting a part of the globe: the 2020 season is dedicated to Africa. Nearly 30 French Institutes have been hosted, supporting collaboration between national and French cultures.

These intercultural exchanges help to give visibility to life on the continent and to build a future in which Africa influences and stands out more in the field.

It is within this framework of support and unity that the African Creative Meeting (ACM) is organised, which puts the spotlight on important players in the creative industries on the African scene.