Video game in Africa

The video game sector is one of the most promising cultural and creative industries in Africa. With more than 500 million gamers, (more than 40% of the continent’s population), and more than 300 video game studios in 54 countries, the video game industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and will be a major economic, social, and professional lever for the years to come.

This success can be explained by demographic reasons – the continent is the youngest in the world, with 60% of its population under the age of 24 – and technological reasons. With mobile telephony and broadband coverage, Africa has more and more equipment that is conducive to the development of the video game sector.

Indeed, it is the mobile games market that is currently driving the video game industry, to the detriment of the console market. A market that best responds to the specificities of the continent: mobile makes it possible to compensate for the scarcity of large-scale infrastructures, to create a network between creative centres that are often far away, and to adapt to low population density.

500 million players in 2018

(23 million in 2014)

Creation of 200,000 jobs within 5 years

1% of the global video game market with a business model under construction

Video game market leaders (2018)

Egypt : 293 million dollars
South Africa : 216 million dollars
Morocco : 129 million dollars
Nigeria : 122 million dollars
Algeria: 107 million dollars

The African video game market does not yet reflect the reality of the creative abundance at work. Several obstacles prevent this sector from developing its full potential.

Firstly, a reluctance on the part of governments to invest in and support this sector, which is considered more as a leisure activity than as an industry that provides jobs. This dynamic is tending to be reversed thanks to the importance of esport in this field, which generates visibility and income for its stakeholders.
Another obstacle is the reluctance of publishers and the low visibility of African productions on international platforms, which leads to an economic model based on free-to-play. The video game market is thus booming, and only needs a spark to develop to its full potential. Everything is already in place to make the African continent the leader in video games.

The African Creative Meeting aims to bring together the stakeholders in the sector and to help promote the continent’s significant creative output.