Virtual Event

23 & 24 Sptember 2021

Made by the Lenno agency, the African Creative Meeting is a event organize for the Africa2020 Season in virtual format on 23 & 24 September 2021.

This event is unique and focuses on the talents and initiatives of the African creative industries, with a particular focus on video games, esport, animation and graphic arts. Like the Africa2020 Season, it is part of the logic of creating links, collaboration and highlighting the ideas of the various stakeholders in the sector.

The event reflects the potential and life of the African creative industries ecosystem and represents a crossroads between the continental industries as well as a point of contact with external organizations.

To promote this thriving cultural industry, the African Creative Meeting is committed to promoting and highlighting its contributors in three areas:

Create link

between African countries and industries and develop a network of cooperation on a continental scale.

Develop African ecosystems

by participating in exchange sessions with financing and training organisations and creators from the continent.

Promote these African industries

in France and internationally.

In partnership with the Institut Français, the mobile operator Orange, Afric’up, Africa In Colors and 3DNet-Info. The African Creative Meeting is the largest gathering of African stakeholders in the creative industries, the crossroads of today’s and tomorrow’s talents, the meeting point for professionals seeking to create solid and sustainable partnerships.

Participate to the event


The event’s programming is organised in partnership with Mohamed Zoghlami, “Animation and video games” sector expert for the Africa 2020 Season, co-founder of Afric’Up (African innovation & startup summit) in Tunisia & of Africa in Colors (digital platform dedicated to digital creative industries) in Rwanda.

The African Creative Meeting will be animated by virtual workshops, project presentations, conferences and meetings in French and English, and will bring together speakers and stakeholders from the 54 states of the continent.

African creative industries: the role of States, Institutions and Organisations

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How do video games shape and become a vector of African identity?

> more

What are the obstacles to the emergence of video games in Africa?

> more

The future of video games in Africa: horizon 2025

> more

How are 3D and virtual reality transforming art in Africa?

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The development of African eSports: the New Eldorado of entertainment?

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African eSport champions: playing in Africa

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State of play and history of animation in Africa

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Digital media as springboards for African comics

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Creative Talent : How to create African champions?

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How to create and develop an African creative ecosystem in animation?

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Geek Culture, Otaku Universe: Anime and Manga in Africa

> more

Myths, magic and technology, the new African virtual worlds

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Obstacles and struggle: what future for African esport?

> more

How to promote and support the development of eSport in Africa?

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23 & 24 September

11:00 am – 7:00 pm UTC+2


The platform and related links will be provided by September.


And limited to 1 000 participants

As a responsible operator, and present in Africa for many years, Orange contributes to the influence of African culture and artistic creation. The operator is notably very present on the esport scene with Orange Esport Experience, a tournament organization platform to promote African champions.

Afric’up Startups Summit is an event dedicated to promoting support and meetings between actors and startups of digital, innovation and technology in Africa.

3D Netinfo is the only training school for creative professions (3D, video games, animation, VR) in Francophone Africa. Alongside strong partners such as Epic Games, Facebook Occulus and Microsoft, it promotes and develops training for young Africans.

Collaborative platform, federating between contemporary Africa and the rest of the world, Africa In Colors aims to promote African creative industries, and to be a gateway of opportunities in the field of culture, art, or technology.